Our Community


Children & Youth Programs


We offer a open program of education for young people from JK level to Grade 6 every Sunday most mornings from September to June. The young people join us for worship for the first half hour, and are then dismissed for their classes. Our education program is a VBS format that includes crafts, and games.  


Confirmation is an in-depth intensive learning programme for our companions who wish to grow in their awareness and understanding of the grace of God in their lives and in Christ’s church. For adolescents, we offer biweekly classes that feature sharing and reflection on the Sacraments, the Apostles Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments. If you are interested in our Confirmation Classes, please feel free to contact the church office.


As companions in Grace, youth need to experience and express God’s grace in ways that they can call their own. Our youth do that through building personal relationships in social activities, by participating in larger youth events outside the congregation, and by bringing their enthusiasm and insight into our worship. In 2016 our young people joined Lutheran and Anglican young people from across Canada in Charlottetown, PEI for the National Youth Event. For More information on what our Youth group is up to these days, please contact us.

The Bernhard Koch Memorial Fund endows our youth ministry


This is so popular an annual summer event that we’ve given Vacation Bible School (VBS) >> its own page on this site.