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About Us

Vision Statement: We are Christian Brothers and Sisters living and sharing our faith as Jesus taught us.

Mission Statement: We are a family in Christ, building an inclusive, just, respectful and loving community, enabling action, hope, comfort and peace in God’s house, our homes, in this community and around the world.

Grace Lutheran Church began over 50 years ago as a mission, welcoming those who were new to Canada and new to Oakville. Today, many of our members come from communities beyond Oakville and some from beyond Canada. Together we build our ministry and grow in witness to the grace of God.

Read about how we gather and share at special events>>, how we worship>>, and how we reach out>> to the broader community and the world in God’s name. The pages throughout this site offer a glimpse of what life of Grace Lutheran in Oakville is all about. If you have any questions or would like to speak with the Pastor or one of our members to learn more, please contact us>>.